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The Founding of Suadeo

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CEO & Founder of Suadeo

« Suadeo has pursued the same objective since its founding in 2004 : to make business users independent to structure and use their data.
Independence means being able to visualize your own data and build your own analyses and indicators, of course. Many Dataviz solutions on the market offer this.
But it’s not enough, because unless business units have secure access to structures that are complete and sufficiently well adapted to their current thinking, they remain dependent on IT services.In practice, the needs of business units change almost daily and interactions with IT generate delays and permanent adjustments. Each time their business needs change, their data requirements also change (new requests, new data sources, new business rules, etc.).
This is why Suadeo has designed a new brick, which moves the data repositories, their definitions, and authorization systems to the business users. This semantic brick, the “Usage Data,” is built as an interface between the basic data, managed by IT, and the business data. With this, business units can modify, structure, and prepare their data without IT involvement. This original construction increases independence and responsiveness, and clarifies data governance within the company.
It’s due to this unique design that Suadeo can offer a TRUE Self BI solution. »

The Self BI Suadeo is at Gartner !

Suadeo’s Agile Business Intelligence Software Platform is recognized in 4 Gartner market categories :

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Data and Analytics Service Providers
  • Data Integration Tools
  • Data Preparation Tools

Gartner Peer Insights is a free peer review platform designed for decision makers in enterprise software and services.

« Information about Suadeo is available on the Gartner Portal, as per markets categorized by Gartner Research in the Magic Quadrant and Market Guide documents. You can also find reviews (“Voice of the Customer”) aggregated by Gartner Peer Insights providing a holistic perspective to IT decision makers »

The Self BI Suadeo is at BARC !

The study “Analytics Unchained: Unleash the Power of Analytics With Integrated Software”, conducted and published by BARC in May 2021, confirms Suadeo’s vision.

The results of this study carried out with several hundred players at the international level, occupying various positions, in companies of different sizes, support Self BI Suadeo on at least three major axes:

  • Analytical agility
  • Democratization of data through the free flow of data and transparency regarding their use
  • Better user friendliness and tight integration that promote user efficiency, speed and efficiency

BARC (Business Application Research Center) is one of Europe’s leading business software analyst firms, focusing on the areas of data and business intelligence (BI).

Suadeo is listed by the French Interministerial Directorate of Digital (DINUM)

To help French administrations to identify and use innovative digital tools and solutions that are useful to public services, the interministerial digital department (DINUM) is launching the GouvTech catalog for administrations. Today, there are 200 digital solutions, among the most innovative, and having proven their worth in business uses, which are already referenced there.

Suadeo, strong of its impact with the ministries, is thus listed French Solution of DataViz by DINUM which listed us in its Catalog of the best French digital solutions.

Suadeo is listed at the French public purchasing center UGAP

The Union of Public Purchasing Groups (UGAP) is a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC) placed under the supervision of the Minister responsible for Action and Public Accounts and the Minister responsible for National Education. It is the only “generalist” public purchasing center in France, which stands out for its partnership policy, its commitment to public policies (innovation, SMEs, Sustainable Development) and its “purchase for resale” operation.

Suadeo, after an in-depth study of its tools and its specifications, was listed as a business intelligence software publisher within the framework of the multi-publisher market.


Suadeo publishes Self Business Intelligence software. From the beginning, Suadeo has been committed to developing and promoting the independence and responsiveness of Business users in their daily management practices within the company.

In addition, so that Business Intelligence does not remain just a simple management reporting tool, but rather a management solution for companies, Suadeo offers a simple and ergonomic software platform that includes all the Agile Business Intelligence tools.


Everyone in the company must take ownership of their own activities. We know that to manage your actions closely, you must understand the data at all times.
Our technological solution allows all involved with the company to visualize and use the data throughout its life cycle.

We advocate independence for employees)
Everyone, regardless of their level, has the opportunity to use their data without an intermediary.

We contribute to the reponsiveness (of interations)
Simple questions find full and immediate answers

We advocate simplicity (of use)
Our software is ergonomic and collaborative

We are a catalyst for (process) agility
Decision making is accelerated

We require accuray (of the results)
The parameters are accessible; the data created is reliable.

We organize the security (of your data)
The data is hosted on your servers and protected. No one has access to it.

Data is a power that must benefit everyone, to ensure the serenity of daily management and the growth of the company. Suadeo, outsmarting data.

To provide the best support to users with their new projects, Suadeo offers a wide range of solutions allowing upper management and operational staff to manage their objectives and activities in multiple business areas.

Suadeo Designer®, a Self BI solution, makes it easy to build dashboards, exploratory analyses and reports from any data source through a business repository.

Suadeo’s comprehensive BI platform allows all those involved in the company to manage their activities. It benefits from new technologies to make business analysis objects accessible to all, without any special training.

Suadeo’s comprehensive BI platform allows all those involved in the company to manage their activities. It benefits from new technologies to make business analysis objects accessible to all, without any special training.
Suadeo’s solutions are designed to provide end users with a broad and detailed view so that their decisions are always in line with the company’s business activities and objectives.

They use the Suadeo solution on a daily basis

Learn more about how we orchestrate their data.


Clients’ Testimonials :

Our clients AZQORE and CADIF share there experiences. Find out how they optimize the use of their data lake in a total autonomy as they discuss best practices which enable business users to do real self BI.

Is the most needed DataViz Sufficient to Free Non-IT Users ?

« Suadeo is this ability to manage data; to be able to integrate data that comes from any environment. It is the possibility to very quickly have access to an information system. Suadeo’s Wow is speed ! »

Strategy and Compliance Manager
Chief Financial Officer

To learn more, access the testimonial – long version

Business users at a dozen of banks operate Azqore Datalake with Suadeo Self-Services BI

« What I liked was that with Suadeo everything was ‘all in one’. With the other solutions, it was necessary to put several bricks together. We know it’s complicated to manage. If we had to sum up Suadeo, it is Agility, Freedom and Security, » says Pascal EXERTIER « We were able to make our data speak to us very quickly and easily. « With Suadeo it’s really disruptive and bluffing effect » says Anton SOUDOVTSEV.

Managing Director
Head Of Business Services

To learn more, access the testimonial – long version

The way Suadeo makes Self BI possible on a Data Lake

We’ve reviewed all the solution in the market. I’ve checked all the key players around data visualization. Some with Data Management, others with Data Governance, others with DataViz, at last  we realized that there is no solution that offered all these scopes … Suadeo is clearly the only solution that allows us to do that. 

MChief Data Officer

Suadeo Self BI, the answer to a real autonomy and business users independence

« Let’s stop having a single vision that we give everyone and let each one of us take back control and be able to do it by hand. With 4,000 users, the robustness of the tool is not only in the number of users, it’s 150 indicators for a million and a half customers. »

Head Of Commercial Performance Measurement, Marketing & Digital Customer
Head Of Commercial Animation

They trust us  :

Logo Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole Group

Chosen by the Innovation and Technology division of Crédit Agricole


Azqore Group

Azqore offers Business Intelligence services in Wealth Management on behalf of several


Banque Cantonale of Genève

Banque Cantonale de Genève is betting on Suadeo to complete its digital transformation.


La Maison Valmont

The international cosmetics group concluded that the DataViz although necessary was not enough to automate
Logo IDF

Ile de France Mobilities

Ile de France Mobilités is the company that manages 9.4 million

Logo ASP

Payment Agency Services, French Ministry of Finance and Economy (ASP)

The ASP is overlooking over 200 financial aids
Logo département 06

Department of Alpes Maritimes

The Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council (CD06) wanted to acquire a digital solution to manage the

Logo france compétence

France Compétences

As part of the modernization of its system

Logo Inao


The National Institute of Origin and Quality uses Suadeo to consume the data exposed by the BIO Agency. The INAO will connect to the Usage



National Center of Forest Ownership uses Suadeo for all levels of the Self BI. It is also through the Suadeo Data Governance platform


MFP Services

MFP Services put in place prevention and risk management

Logo Apicil


The APICIL social protection group uses Suadeo

Logo Klesia


The social protection group KLESIA has been using Suadeo for

Logo vyv

Groupe VYV

VYV Group is a multi-mutual group made up of more than 30 mutual

Logo Caisse des Médecins

The Physicians’ Fund, Switzerland

The Caisse des Médecins
Logo Commissaire de justice

Chambre nationale des commissaires de justice

The Chambre nationale des commissaires de justice uses the Suadeo tool to manage its internal activities as well as economic trade with its partners.

Logo EPS

Ensemble Protection Sociale

Ensemble Protection Sociale (BPCE Group) manages all of the company’s activities with Suadeo (Health, Welfare, Retirement, etc.).

Logo Mutuelle GSMC

Gsmc mutual

Suadeo Self BI enables the end users at  Gsmc mutual to be completely autonomous for rapid data construction and analysis out of a centralized Data platform.

Logo H market


A rising player in the mass market distribution sector, Hmarket has acquired the Suadeo tool for financial management at head office and operational management of its stores.

But also :

Ecureuil Protection Sociale (EPS)
Mutuelle Bleue
Mutuelle générale de la santé (MGS)
Mutuelle nationale territoriale (MNT)
GIE Union Groupe Initiatives Mutuelles (GIE UGIM)
Mutuelle Générale de l’Économie, des Finances et de l’Industrie (MGEFI)


Mutuelle des Agents des Impots (MAI)
Mutuelle du Ministère de la Justice (MMJ)
Mutuelle des Douanes (MDD)
Mutuelle du Trésor (MT)
Mutuelle des Personnels de l’Industrie et de la Recherche (MPIR)
La Fraternelle, Mutuelle de l’Imprimerie Nationale (FMIN)
Mutuelle INSEE
Mutuelle Nationale de l’Entr’aide Administrative (MNEA)
Mutuelle Civile de la Défence (MCDEF)

and many others…

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