Suadeo your Self BI plateform solution

Because we believe the best person to make sense of an answer is the one who asked for it.

Users can retrieve data securely at any time, regardless of where it is, no matter its size or format, and populate the business rules for their Dashboard or Report in real time

Give your businesses real Autonomy and  Independence to build their analyses.

Spread a new culture of collaborative, cross-disciplinary management that goes beyond data

Provide users with a business layer of cataloged data for the entire company.

Answer your most complex business questions within a day.

Simply and without having to ask IT

When you ask a business question, you usually need the answer in minutes.

Gain control over your information amid an avalanche of data in an explosive variety of formats, sizes, structures, and locations.

Have you tested Data Visualization tools only to return to Excel within a few months ?

Data Viz alone doesn’t do Self BI

Suadeo provides solutions for the entire life cycle of your data, whether or not it is structured.

DataViz could meet the expectations of Self BI if the data made available met all the Business exploration options.
DataViz tools do not avoid repeated data preparation phases.


Suadeo’s founder explains how we are different

Focus on Big Data & AI 2020 with Suadeo experts and some of the clients

A focus on the 2020 Big Data & AI Paris event, with Suadeo experts and some clients

On the occasion of the Big Data & AI Paris 2020 event, our clients and employees share their experiences and advice on the Self BI and Data Governance.

A big thank you to the speakers:
Nicolas Francès – Chief Data Officer AZQORE
Thierry Hervé – Performance measurement manager – CREDIT AGRICOLE
Henri Accos – Performance measurement manager – CREDIT AGRICOLE
Yamina Goumri – Sales engineer SUADEO


Explore your self-service data company-wide with ease.

DashBoard : Simple and intuitive construction of your dashboard in an environment similar to office tools

Report : Automation and distribution of your reports

Analyses MultiDim : Exploring all your data

Query : On-demand queries based on intuition in the moment


Collect and restructure all your data

ETL : Connect natively to thousands of data sources

User Data : Automatically cross-reference any data structure

Catalogue : Display your reference data in real time

SUADEO is a service platform


Quick and easy to for everyone to use



Your analyses in real time


Simple and intuitive sharing between company stakeholders



Reduces the number of people in the decision chain


No coding

No coding skills required


Security and traceability of the complete data cycle


Big Data architecture

Reduces costs

Controls IT costs through virtualization

We help companies get the most out of their data

Construct your dashboard from any data, in less than 5 min.


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