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The future lies not in the tool, but in a data services platform​

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Suadeo: the new generation of Data Services.

With Suadeo, your business teams take full control of data, securely.

All your data in one place

More efficient than a Self-BI tool, the Suadeo platform allows your business teams to manipulate data from end to end. Oriented Uses, Suadeo also allows you to create collaborative applications, without technical skills. Get a 360° view of the activity and solve any questions in real time.

Suadeo Self Data Services®
The future of data now in your hands.

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La Poste
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Health
Ministry of The Armed Forces
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European Commission
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Our creed: ​
The true value of data lies in the usage that business users make of it.

We believe that your use cases are more important than the data itself.

We believe that to be free, you must first liberate your use cases and your data.

We believe that the best-placed individuals to provide an answer are those who ask the question.



Suadeo empowers you to equip your use cases and test your insights without limits!​

Autonomy without responsiveness is meaningless: businesses must be able to search for themselves in real time​



Suadeo data : autonomy and responsiveness

“Your Sales Director doesn’t want to see a diagram in a Dashboard!
He wants to know in real-time which product is the most performant according to his business criteria in a new business service that he created himself in a total autonomy, “ ​

Azzeddine Bendjebbour ​| Suadeo’s CEO

Azzeddine Bendjebbour | CEO of Suadeo
Suadei Self Data Services® (SDS) Platform
Suadeo Data partners

Suadei Self Data Services® (SDS) Platform​

Suadeo has designed an all-in-one software platform that is unique in a Data Mesh environment, incorporating all the essential data services. We call it the S.D.S. platform.



Data Models

Usage Data

Data Catalog




Low code app



Empower your intuitions, empower your usages: ​

Since 2004, all the power of Suadeo’s Research & Development has been focused on a technical framework to provide your organization with real autonomy and responsiveness.

Do you want to go faster and further ? ​

Like the LEGO® bricks, play with our services to power your uses!

Multiply your possibilities and speed up your launch with our pre-built accelerators:

Digital Hub

Drive, analyze, and control your ecosystem in real-time.​

Usage in Open Data

Share business usages and create new values

Agile Reporting

A report based upon the latest technical innovations​

Agile DataViz

Put yout Business Experience in our DataViz!​

Data Mesh

Structure and organize your Data by and for your business usages​

We help the biggest players test their intuitions​

“Suadeo is the ability to manage data and integrate data from any environment. It’s the possibility to quickly access an information system.
The ‘Wow’ effect of Suadeo is speed!“

Fabienne LE TADIC

Head of Strategy and Compliance

“Before, we spent a lot of time on non-value-added production tasks for the user and ultimately not very profitable for us. With Self BI, we become providers of high-quality data services.”


Group CEO

“We chose the Suadeo tool because it is as easy to use as office software. Among the significant results, the self-learning Fraud Detection system allowed us to increase the detection rate from 50% to 70%.”

Jean François TRIPODI

Group CEO

“We don’t just provide businesses with a tool,
we give them the means to explore, analyze, and test their intuitions.”​

Finance Team

Real Estate Asset Management

Sales Team

Sales Commission Management​

HR Team

Collective steering management​

Healthcare Organization

Health Data Platform​

Public Sector

Digital Hub​


Empowered by Suadeo, the National Health Insurance launches its new interactive open data tool on surgical practices!

“A big bravo and thank you for this tremendous work that keeps getting better!“

Pr. Corinne Vons

President of AFCA

“Really perfect! And with the update. A huge thank you!”

Pr. Muriel Mathonnet

President of CNP

“Congratulations on the evolution and the speed of accessing data.”

Pr. Catherine Creuzot

SFO Coordinator

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