Why would you just visualize data?

How about orchestrating it all together?

It is not only about BI; it is about tomorrow’s BI

Today’s Business Intelligence tools are unable to address in real time business questions starting by “Why “

Counterproductive dependency on IT services.
Businesses are not autonomous when it comes to preparing data for restitution.

Endless, time and resources consuming interaction between Business and IT are unproductive.
IT services cannot address all business specific data exploratory requests. As such it would not be a far fetch to compare the situation to a data waste land, where data is waiting to be leveraged and better answer to business data exploration requests.

How does Suadeo revolutionize the traditional BI

Gaining autonomy with a real Self BI
Data manipulation granted to and driven by business users
Real-time security and administration

Experts explanations

Self BI revolutionizes this operating method by
shifting the ability to construct end-to-end analyses to the Business Unit level and refocusing the IT department on its role as a provider of clean and secure data

DataViz is not Self BI

Although it offers businesses the possibility of visualizing relevant data by building reports on their own, they will remain dependent on IT services to prepare the actual data that feeds those reports.Reinforcing a nonproductive approach.

The myth of the complete data warehouse

DataViz could meet what Self BI stands for only if data made available afford more options for business exploration insights. In fact, data mines seldom respond to all requirements they are used for and consistently need to be reassessed and reorganized by the IT teams.The complete data warehouse is a myth, and it will never exist. Worse, it feeds the data waste land over the years as companies continue to feed it.

Self BI by Suadeo, a reality that transforms and enhances both business roles and IT services

Thanks to Suadeo new “User Data” technology, Businesses have secure access to Catalogs and data structures and are able to create or modify file reconciliations on the fly, without requiring any assistance from the IT them and more importantly without  affecting the data integrity. Business are able to create their own indicators and visualize the results with Suadeo’s DataViz tools.

IT becomes a value-added service provider for data.

Reconstructions no longer involve iterations with the Business Units. They refocus on the quality and availability of the company’s core data, documents and secures it, and makes it accessible quickly.

With Self BI by Suadeo, IT departments become a business partner. Besides Self BI by Suadeo puts an end to huge and ever-growing data storage spaces enabling the needed cost reduction, and objective so important for many companies.

Example of a complete Self BI Process

1.  The user wants to analyze the changes in the margins
obtained by their business. 

Solution : Suadeo Dashboard® allows them to build their dashboard in just a few minutes.

2. The user wants to focus on new sales. But they don’t know where to find the “Acquisition Rate” data.

Solution : They query the Suadeo Catalog®’s semantic layer, which scans the company’s data and returns all the referenced data that defines the Acquisition Rate.

3. The “Acquisition Rate” business rule, as defined in the company’s data repository, is not relevant for their issue at this time.

Solution : Suadeo User Data® allows them to change the business rule in real time without affecting data integrity.

4. The user wants to compare this new “Acquisition Rate” with an “Acquisition Rate” billed with the management fees for their service.

Solution : via Suadeo Intégration®, through the authorization system, they access the financial data of the Accounting Department and retrieves the “Charge Rates” for their department.

5. And a few minutes later, they need to communicate this results quickly in a Report.

Solution : They can then quickly format and communicate the information with Suadeo

With Suadeo, the user never needs to rely on third-party support and completes end-to-end analysis in just a few minutes !

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