Self-BI at the service of bank branches

The popularity of online, mobile and fintech banks, but also regulatory developments, which pave the way for greater competition, are forcing banking agencies to constantly renew themselves. Satisfy and retain its customers, customize its service offering as closely as possible to their needs, anticipate and proactively support them… User experience (UX) is a key factor in business performance, and the integration of a self-BI tool is an accelerator. This is the choice made by Crédit Agricole Ile de France by opting for a «all in 1» BI solution that makes all employees of its branch network autonomous and responsive.

The first regional bank of the Crédit Agricole Group, the leader of retail banking in Europe and the leading financier of the French economy, Crédit Agricole Ile de France aims to become the preferred mutual bank of the Paris region. One of the pillars of its strategy is to measure sales performance in order to improve the customer experience and gain competitiveness.

Be equipped to gain autonomy and responsiveness

By giving more autonomy to its advisors and agency managers, Crédit Agricole Ile de France wishes to offer its clients a better experience of its services (banking, insurance, provident insurance, real estate, etc.). To do this, it was necessary to provide a tool capable of measuring their commercial performance in real time. One logic: improve the offer of services continuously and be force of innovation.

Historically, the teams relied on different Business Intelligence software, each with its specialty: data catalog, data visualization or reporting. To complete their needs, they had to refer to excel files in number, on more than 150 indicators. The limits and risks induced by this scattering led them to equip themselves with a tool capable of centralizing a large volume of heterogeneous indicators, as robust as agile and guaranteeing a high level of security given the sensitivity of the data.

Consolidate all BI tools into one platform

After conducting a benchmark of low-code applications of Self Business Intelligence, the choice fell on the solution de Suadeo, which proved to be the most effective on the 5 criteria: handling and performance, autonomy and ergonomics, automation, security, and scalability.

DataVisualisation yes, provided it is AGILE!

To be efficient, decision-making must be as informed as it is fast. If the increased accessibility to the data, without limit whatever their origin (internal or external), and updated at the moment T, is the first milestone of the performance of the self-BI, the full autonomy of users on the manipulation of data is another: possibility of injection and modification of data, adjustment of governance rules throughout the project…

And knowing that the value of data lies in the use that the Business Lines make of it, who better than the Business Lines actors themselves to evolve all this data with relevance?

This is the promise of Suadeo which has developed within its platform a data visualization service that gives back power to business users and frees them from iterations with the IT team. They can exploit, manipulate, transform and share their data at their convenience, while respecting a pre-established data governance framework.

Starting 2024 ahead of the curve

Making differentiation a resolution for 2024? It is the will that drives decision-makers to invest more and more massively in Business Intelligence.

Experts agree that in 2024, Business Intelligence will continue to evolve, with increasing integration of AI, enhanced data security and further exploitation of IoT. Features that promise to transform data usage and strategic decision-making.

100% focused on research and development during the last 20 years, Suadeo teams have managed to make these trends a reality already experienced for several months by major decision makers.

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