Putting data at the heart of your usage​

We are not just a data visualization tool.​

But a management solution.​

We are not just a reporting tool

but an operational management solution

We are not just a query tool

but a business exploration solution

We are not just a data platform.

But a collaborative work solution​

We are not just a data catalog solution

but a solution for organizational alignment

Discover how Suadeo’s technology can also transform your business!

Suadeo: the only solution today that covers all Data Governance needs.​

‘We need a solution that can do data viz and data management. We can find some for one or the other, but in addition, we want it to give us the ability to be in Self BI, and before meeting Suadeo, we can’t find anyone at that time who is able to do all that at once”


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Free your colleagues , drive your business ​

Give your teams the means to achieve their ambitions

Data itself is sterile, but at Suadeo, we find value in data through its usage. We don’t see its usage as an uninterrupted cycle between IT and business teams; instead, we offer a horizontal usage and vertical management.​

The Suadeo environment enables effective and comprehensive data control throughout your organization, while also empowering your employees to leverage its use. We prioritize continuous training for our users, so they can unlock the full value of your data.​

We share a passion and dynamism. For 20 years, our teams have worked daily in research and development to allow the use of data to flourish.

Control the data of your company
Increase the efficiency of your business with data processing

Why limit yourself when you can do it all? ​

We are more than just a tool that provides data or graphs. We offer a complete environment that allows you to enhance the intelligence of your business.

​We manage the entire data lifecycle, giving you optimal control over your processes and ensuring true security for all your interactions.​

We do not consider data as a fixed element. Flows and constant evolutions go beyond the framework of dashboards.

At Suadeo, connectors are not a paid option, but a freedom to access all your data.

Access all your data with connectors

What Gartner says

Suadeo is listed under four Gartner categories

Suadeo is listed under four Gartner categories

  • 1 – Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform.​
  • 2- Data Preparation Tool.​
  • 3- Data Integration Tool.​
  • 4- Data Analytics and Service Provider.

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