Visuchir, the Open Data Solution for surgical facilities

Suadeo, enabled the French National Health Insurance Authority launch its new interactive open data tool on surgical practices.

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Olivier Saillenfests

Director of Missions

-Can you describe your job at CNAM in one sentence?
​-What was your mission on Visuchir?
​-What were the constraints?
​-How was the collaboration with Suadeo go?
​-What are the three key strengths of Suadeo, in your opinion?
​-Do you have an anecdote from your collaboration?

Mehdi Gabbas

Project Director in Ownership

-Can you describe your job at CNAM in one sentence?
-What was your mission on Visuchir?
​-What was the initial situation of the tool?​
-What other solution was possible?
​-What was your biggest surprise while working with Suadeo?​
-Did you discover the profession of a Designer during your collaboration?​
​-Do you have an anecdote from your collaboration?

“Outpatient surgery has become a true national priority for the health of the French population.”

The mission entrusted by the CCAM (French Classification of Medical Procedures)

is to provide insight into the surgical situation of healthcare facilities by equipping them with a dashboard for monitoring and comparing their surgical practices, especially in outpatient surgery.

The Suadeo solution:

Suadeo’s technology serves as a central hub for communication among all stakeholders, including internal parties such as directors, physicians, and healthcare providers, as well as external entities like regional health agencies, health insurance, and healthcare facilities. This platform enables them to share their observations, model their medical projects, and collaboratively develop the future of outpatient surgery.

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Freedom provided by Suadeo

Three data visualization tools developed by Suadeo:

Visuchir Establishment

🎯 Target: Healthcare Facilities

⚡️ Objective: Promote outpatient surgery through the most efficient practices.

Visuchir Specialties

🎯 Target: Practicing Surgeons

⚡️ Objective: Evaluate and compare professional and organizational practices.

Visuchir Regions

🎯 Target: Regional Institutions

⚡️ Objective: Assist in regional surgical restructuring and the proper renewal of contracts.

Suadeo liberates healthcare facilities and professionals from all technical constraints by providing them with a dynamic dashboard for monitoring and comparing their surgical practices.

dashboard suadeo

The Visuchir solution is entirely open data and allows you to:

➡️ Analyze and monitor the surgical practices of a healthcare facility.

➡️ Compare your facility’s activity over time with other establishments.

➡️ Develop a facility strategy.

➡️ Estimate the potential for outpatient development.

➡️ Measure the impact of your data processing efforts.

➡️ Evaluate professional and organizational practices.

➡️ Position your work in relation to other scientific publications.

➡️ Assist in the restructuring of regional healthcare offerings.

➡️ Model the future placement of young surgeons.

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