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“Suadeo is the ability to manage data and integrate data from any environment. It’s the possibility to quickly access an information system.
The ‘Wow’ effect of Suadeo is speed!“

Fabienne LE TADIC

Head of Strategy and Compliance

“Before, we spent a lot of time on non-value-added production tasks for the user and ultimately not very profitable for us. With Self BI, we become providers of high-quality data services.”


Group CEO

“We chose the Suadeo tool because it is as easy to use as office software. Among the significant results, the self-learning Fraud Detection system allowed us to increase the detection rate from 50% to 70%.”

Jean François TRIPODI

Group CEO


Empowered by Suadeo, the National Health Insurance launches its new interactive open data tool on surgical practices!

Open data tool for the national health insurance

Olivier Saillenfests

Mission Director

  • -Can you describe your job at CNAM in one sentence?
  • ​-What was your mission on Visuchir?
  • ​-What were the constraints?
  • ​-How was the collaboration with Suadeo?
  • ​-What are the three key strengths of Suadeo, in your opinion?
  • ​-Do you have an anecdote from your collaboration?

Mehdi Gabbas

Project Manager​

  • -Can you describe your job at CNAM in one sentence?
  • -What was your mission on Visuchir?
  • ​-What was the initial situation of the tool?​
  • -What other solution was possible?
  • ​-What was your biggest surprise while working with Suadeo?​
  • -Did you discover the profession of a Designer during your collaboration?​
  • ​-Do you have an anecdote from your collaboration?

“A big bravo and thank you for this tremendous work that keeps getting better!“

Pr. Corinne Vons

President of AFCA

They share their Suadeo experiences ​

Is DataViz sufficient to empower non-IT users? ​

“Suadeo is about the ability to manage data; to integrate data from any environment. It’s about quickly accessing an information system. The Wow effect of Suadeo is speed.”


Chief financial officer, VALMONT GROUP


Chief Data Officer, AZQORE Suisse SA

How Suadeo enables Self BI on a Data Lake?​

“We reviewed all the solutions on the market. I checked all the key players around data visualization. Some have Data Management, other Data Governance, others DataViz, finally we realized that there was no solution that combined them all…​
Suadeo is clearly the only solution that allows us to do this.”

How to make data transformation and circulation more agile? ​

“With Suadeo, we have implemented things that we had not been able to achieve with our current BI solution. The Performance Synergy reports on European aids, based on fairly complex heterogeneous data, had never been done before. For the Anti-Fraud in partial unemployment, starting at the end of July, we had the first finalized reports on the Prime Minister’s desk by mid-October.”

Ghislain LAPORTE

Digital department , Agence de Services et de Paiement (ASP)

Thierry HERVET

Community Development Manager, CADIF

Suadeo’s Self BI, the answer to true autonomy and independence for business functions​

“The tool is highly performant; it handles the load well and respects our architecture (it doesn’t store anything on the servers). Its installation is simple and it’s very easy to cross-reference data from various sources such as OLAP cubes or flat files.”

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