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To each need its construction game

The value of Data lies in the use you make of it!

The Suadeo Self Data Services® platform was designed to give Businesses full control over their data. Freed from iterations with the IT team, they can contribute autonomously and reactively to business decisions, while technical experts can focus on the elementary layer of the tool, their initial area of expertise in which they add value.

Head to augmented intelligence

Suadeo turns every Business User into a data expert and an innovator. Our dynamic rendering tools (Agile DataViz, Agile Reporting, Low-Code Application, Open data, AI, etc.) promote the generation of relevant, predictive or prescriptive insights, and the sharing in real time with your peers. Our accelerators save you valuable time. With Suadeo, you will be ahead of optimized production lead times. Take advantage of the power of native services: like a modular construction game, all that remains is to configure the platform according to the intended use.

Our users share their experience

Use Case

More than 150 organizations, public and private, use the Suadeo Data Services platform every day. Monitoring of the commercial performance of banking agencies, management of its human resources, comparative analyses between peers via dataviz tools in opendata, 360° management of the activity of a structure, assistance in the design of prevention programs, application of automated calculation of support packages, large-scale event management,… We regularly share new use cases with you.


Commercial Performance Management

360° steering and design of prevention plans

Digital Hub for securing Olympic Games Paris 2024

Open DataViz for peer-to-peer optimization and innovation

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