Digital Hub​

Digital Hub Master and drive your territory in real-time by leveraging hundreds of connected data sources.​

​ The digital hub positions your organization at the center of your ecosystem.​

Big Data



​ In a dynamic and real-time manner, the user can access and activate any service distributed within their territory. ​

Each business unit can set up its own personalized workspace to promote operational excellence in their activities and decision-making.​
Dynamic digital hub for real-time access to any data
visualisation des données numériques en temps réel

​ The business units integrate different types of visualizations and live data sources.

In addition to providing metrics and figures, this service will enable the company to quickly identify concrete recommendations and applicable actions in real-life situations for a given situation.​

The digital hub is a service made available to managers and decision-makers within the company.

Gone are the days of navigating through multiple slides; it combines data storytelling, descriptive data, and essential external data for your business. As a major lever for the company’s responsiveness in constantly evolving markets, its touchscreen operation allows non-technical business units and management to quickly grasp its functionalities.​
Hub numérique Suadeo

Find out why the Ministry of the Interior
chose Suadeo

Découvrez pourquoi le ministère de l'intérieur a choisi Suadeo
  • 2023 Rubgy World Cup

  • Olympic Games Paris 2024

  • The National Strategic Command Center

Energy Management

Your workspace

Crisis Anticipation

Ressources Management

Wide Public Events

Create your tailor-made environment without any limits and make your organization the nerve center of your ecosystem

Economics Intelligence

Customer Experience

Machines Learning Models

Fraudes Preventions

Prices Optimisation

​ Harness the full power of Suadeo’s all-in-one solution in a customized interconnection solution.​


Easily integrate your data with over 500 native connectors.​


Efficiently catalog your streams within your customized environment.​


Easily present your findings in a user-friendly interface.​

User Friendly

Drag & Drop

No Code


Real time

User friendly data platform
Increase the efficiency of your business with data processing

Smooth Onboarding

We customize your Digital Hub.

We connect all your data streams (processed or raw) directly.

We train your teams to get started quickly.

The Digital Hub® accelerator is the result of the LEGO® Brick Set we have already built with our clients

Modular and customizable digital hub
Self Data Service Platform Suadeo

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