Agile Reporting

A Next-Generation Reporting Environment​

Traditional reporting tools, which are still widely used, have begun to decline

Either the vendors decide to discontinue them, or the clients themselves stop using them. However, it’s important to note that replacing traditional reporting with a simple or modern reporting tool, or even a dashboard, is not a one-to-one replacement.

Regular reporting users will find their familiar workflows and habits intact ​

Our Reporting Agile® solution offers an environment that aligns with their existing reporting practices while incorporating the latest digital innovations.

Users can expect a modernized architecture that encompasses the essential building blocks they use daily, such as connectors, ETL capabilities, data extraction models, and robust reporting features, including advanced parameterization options. Additionally, our solution introduces a range of modern and innovative services to enhance their reporting experience further.​

Modernize your reporting by leveraging the latest technical innovations

We provide a comprehensive environment for data extraction, processing, and sharing, combined with state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. This approach ensures that regular reporting users can easily adopt and embrace the new reporting solution, facilitating their seamless transition and ensuring user adoption. With our solution, you can benefit from a holistic data ecosystem that enables efficient data extraction, advanced data processing, and intuitive reporting outputs, empowering your organization to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Don’t limit your reporting to formatting features alone, Expand the possibilities of your data by unlocking its full potential

Since 2004, our Research & Development team has been dedicated to helping you modernize your reporting, leverage the value of your data, and deliver insights to all areas of your organization. We believe in harnessing the power of data to drive informed decision-making across various business functions. With our expertise and innovative solutions, you can transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling better performance, enhanced efficiency, and improved outcomes for your organization. Let us be your trusted partner in unlocking the true potential of your data and empowering your entire workforce with valuable information.

Boost your operational management by innovating in your reporting

Your data scientists, statisticians, and reporting users process and share data using reporting tools as an extraction and data processing tool, serving as a bridge between technical data and business usage.

They are accustomed to a reporting system and environment that provides them with connectors, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools, data reconciliation systems, and more. These services are just as essential as the output reporting itself.​We understand the importance of maintaining familiarity and continuity in your reporting practices while introducing modernization and innovation. Our solution aims to enhance your reporting environment by incorporating advanced features and functionalities that empower your data professionals and end-users. By leveraging our platform, you can seamlessly integrate your existing reporting tools and processes with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities. This allows you to optimize data extraction, processing, and visualization, resulting in more efficient and impactful reporting outcomes. Let us help you take your reporting to new heights, enabling your team to unlock the full potential of your data and drive informed decision-making throughout your organization.​

The Dashboard is not a reporting tool. ​

Data visualization (DataViz) is a natural support for managerial oversight rather than operational management.​

The Reporting Agile® accelerator is the result of the Lego like Game we have already played with our clients.​

Play with us!

By playing a Lego like bricks of the Suadeo Self Data Services® platform, regular reporting users will find their work methods,habits ,and practices. Our Reporting Agile® solution is made up of the building blocks they use every day (connectors, ETL, data extraction models, reporting with all the capabilities and customization power)… and many other innovative services.​

Give a real sense to your reporting​


Give each data the use and the value that results from it. Exploit your results to the heart​


Decide on sharing, automatic creation and access rules for each of your reports​


Give your employees the freedom to create queries that are truly optimized for their needs.​

Forget your reports set in stone, get what you need, when you need it​

Create customized solutions

With our low-code approach, organize your reporting without writing a single line of code.​

Retrieve all your data

Our SDS platform helps overcome data heterogeneity, retrieve EVERYTHING you need


Communicate with your colleagues at the desired scale, from department to organization or to a specific person.​

Adapt to your needs

For every role, every profession, a customized reporting to enable making informed decisions.​

React in real-time

Each of your reports can be updated in real-time to provide you with an up-to-date view of your situation.​

Leverage your volumes

Don’t limit yourself anymore, leverage your entire volume of data to uncover precise and crucial information.

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