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2004 | Company Launch ​

Empowering business users to independently structure
and leverage their data.​

Suadeo: Launch of the data exploitation company
Suadeo gère les données de la mutuelle Carte Blanche

2012 | The data of 12.5 million individuals in France are managed on Suadeo ​

Suadeo wins the tender from the Carte Blanche mutual insurance company, adding 12.5 million policyholders to its database.

2018 | Social Security Compliance ​

Suadeo becomes compliant with the digital decree of the French Social Security Administration.

Suadeo for Health Insurance
Suadeo pour le ministère des Armées et de la Santé

2022 | Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health ​

The services of the Ministry of Defense and the National Health Insurance use Suadeo’s Sovereign Cloud…

Azzeddine Bendjebbour, President of Suadeo

President’s Message: ​

“Since its inception in 2004, Suadeo has pursued the same objective: empowering business users to independently structure and leverage their data. Autonomy means being able to visualize data, build analyses, and create custom indicators.
Many data visualization solutions on the market offer these capabilities.​
However, this alone is not enough. If business users do not have secure access to data structures that are never complete or adequately tailored to their current needs, they remain dependent on IT services. ​

In practice, business needs evolve almost daily, and interactions with IT result in delays and constant adjustments. Every time their business needs change, their data needs also evolve (new requests, new data sources, new rules of management, etc.). That’s why Suadeo has developed a new component that shifts the focus of data repositories, definitions, and authorization systems to business users. This semantic component, called “Usage Data,” serves as an interface between raw data managed by IT and business data. It allows business users to modify, structure, and prepare their data without IT intervention. ​ This unique design promotes autonomy, responsiveness, and enhances data governance within the organization.​
It is based upon this unique conception that Suadeo offers a true Self BI solution.”​

Founder and President of Suadeo

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