Management of risk and health prevention plans

Union Régime Obligatoire en Prévention Santé (Urops)

Urops, Union Régime Obligatoire en Prévention Santé, manages 1.5 million beneficiaries (social insured persons and their beneficiaries), under the supervision of the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie (CNAM) with which it intervenes within the framework of a multiannual management agreement. Its exclusive activity is to create and organize prevention actions in public health, with populations of officials under the Ministries of the Union’s management perimeter.


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Develop a preventive culture in the workplace and in public health (distance and face-to-face) and support the health of Public Service officers by promoting prevention actions.

With a multidisciplinary Scientific Council, Urops is a scientific vector of prevention. Its actions are financed by the management discounts paid by the CNAM.



Roll out chronic disease screening (based on public health issues) and vaccination programs to promote collective coverage:

On-site actions: influenza vaccination and screening (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oral, renal failure)
Public health actions: polymedication, addictions, etc.



Reduce or, as a minimum, control chronic diseases and their impacts by modifying behaviours related to the determinants of health (nutrition, physical activity, alcohol consumption, tobacco, etc.)

Build and monitor prevention programs through 360° Data management

Through the Suadeo Self Data Services® platform, Urops obtains a comprehensive view of the structure’s business. The Urops team uses several Teras of data through the platform to design prevention plans and monitor their effects.

#1 Piloter les actions de prévention

From the programming to the realization, including the follow-up of the registrations of the social insured and the anonymized medical results

#2 Piloter les fonctions support

Budget, accounting, contratheque, …

The value of data lies in its use.


Urops & Suadeo are long-standing partners. Since 2017, all Urops employees, Business and Support teams, have been using the Suadeo Data Services platform on a daily basis.

More than a DataManagement, Data Governance and DataViz solution, it is a collaborative tool that allows them to build all prevention actions in the workplace, and in public health, and measure the impacts.


Explore data by health risk and identify prevalence to build ad hoc prevention programs

Monitor quantitatively and qualitatively the actions programmed and deployed on a daily basis

Follow the related budget and contracts


Security, confidentiality, and compliance: a major prerequisite in the use of health data

In the field of health, the issue of data security and compliance with various regulations is crucial. These requirements must be taken into account at each stage of the data lifecycle, as well as in the use that users make of it.

For Urops, the services integrated within the Suadeo software platform make it possible to comply with security rules at all levels, from management to data governance: pseudonymisation, traceability, access control, or profile management by environment, etc.

Benefits of the Suadeo Self Data Services® platform for Urops

Suadeo makes us more responsive, even proactive

Our teams have been using Suadeo’s software platform since 2017. It is a valuable management tool that helps improve our management processes and optimize our prevention strategies.

Flexible and customizable, we were able to evolve it according to our needs. For example, we have implemented a system of geolocation of programmed and performed actions. This view allows us to follow and target departments that have little or no health prevention.

The platform allows us to monitor the results of prevention actions on a daily basis, and in real time, from a quantitative, qualitative or medical point of view, which allows us to adjust or review the deployment processes according to the efficiency displayed.

By facilitating access to data, Suadeo makes us more responsive, even proactive, both in the construction of actions and in their monitoring.


General President , UROPS

What makes Suadeo different

Suadeo’s offer best met our requirements in terms of functionality, flexibility, cost, and security.

At the origin of the project, we were looking for a sufficiently robust platform to manage several tera of data, capable of exploring consumption, to allow a monitoring of prevalence in compliance with the performance objectives set by the CNAM.

After running a BenchMark, Suadeo’s offer best met our requirements in terms of functionality, flexibility, cost, and security.

Concretely, we were seduced by the accessibility of the software platform for an uninitiated, which facilitates its adoption and use on a daily basis. Ergonomics seem more attractive and usable on a daily basis.

Another major advantage is the reliability of the data thanks to the interoperability of the tools (budget, compatibility, etc.). After many years of use, and the hindsight we now have, we also appreciate the comfort of being accompanied by a team of experts, available and effective in all circumstances.


General manager , UROPS


For Action

Suadeo’s platform is an embodiment of a strong conviction, born out of two decades in the Data domain. Suadeo’s dual intention is first to reverse the trend of time management around Data in companies by reapplying the Pareto principle “80/20” and taking the usage of Data to the next level.

“Improve performance! Thanks to the Suadeo platform, your business teams spend only 20% of their time on data manipulation. Release the remaining 80% for use! Take advantage of your analytical findings to test your insights in the field and continuously improve.”

Azzeddine Bendjebbour

President, Suadeo

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