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Crédit Agricole Ile de France

Created at the end of the 19th century, Crédit Agricole Ile de France is the leading regional branch of the Crédit Agricole group, a leader in local banking in Europe and the primary financier of the French economy. Operating in seven departments in the Ile de France region, this banking and insurance institution has 52 local branches and aspires to become the preferred mutual bank for residents of the Île-de-France region, including individuals, professionals, SMEs, large enterprises, associations, and public authorities.



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Empower employees to be fully autonomous and responsive across the entire Commercial Performance Measurement chain.

With Suadeo, Crédit Agricole Ile de France provides its business teams with complete autonomy and high responsiveness in the analysis and utilization of their data.
The goal is to continuously enhance both collective and individual performance, ultimately leading to an improved customer experience.


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The objective of Crédit Agricole Ile de France

The objective of Crédit Agricole Ile de France is to provide business collaborators and branch managers with a unique, user-friendly, and powerful solution that can address all their needs in real-time, while centralizing and ensuring the reliability of five years’ worth of historical data and over 150 indicators.

A suite of intuitive analytical solutions is designed to make them entirely autonomous and as responsive as possible , in visualizing data and strategically managing their business activities.

This includes all products within the company and market trends (banking, insurance, provident, real estate, etc.).

Suadeo’s solution

Suadeo’s solution, powered by the Agile DataViz technology of Suadeo Self Data Services®, is entirely built on a foundation of Data Governance to ensure data reliability, traceability, and security, throughout its lifecycle. The solution includes:

  • a Data Catalog, that facilitates better knowledge sharing through a common language.
  • Usage Datas that empowers business users to inject their own indicators and conduct contextualized simulations, freeing them from dependence on the IT team.
  • a wide range of API connectors that enables integration with any data provider (institutional, private, open data, etc.),
  • a Dynamic and Synchronous Visualization Interface that allows real-time modification of information, with immediate visibility of the impact, including in reporting.

The main innovation is Self-BI. It’s the autonomy we provide to the business

the ability to stay current, meaning an immediate response to an immediate need. That’s the strength of Suadeo’s tool: the capability to deliver efficiency and responsiveness to any of our users in real-time. All of this would have been impossible to achieve without the assistance of Suadeo’s experts and the tools integrated into the Suadeo platform.


Head of Sales Performance Measurement, Clients Marketing & Digital Management, Crédit Agricole Ile de France

An all-in-one platform :
Data Governance, Data Visualization
and Data Management


Effortlessly, business users become administrators of their dashboards that they can share and customize in real-time as needed, without the need for coding. They immediately explore all data sources, whether structured or unstructured, and share their findings within their organization based on access limits they determine over time. All of this takes place in an ultra-secure environment that complies with regulations.

This partnership is gradually being extended to other projects


For Whom?

Network Agency Collaborators and Specialized Business Teams

For What Purpose?

To track detailed reports of commercial activity and identify the level of activity and proactivity.


For Whom?

All Network Agency Collaborators

For What Purpose?

To track the evolution of the entire market plan (period view, goal tracking, development) and define action plans.


For Whom?

Branch Managers and Sector Directors

For What Purpose?

To track the annual goals of advisors and support skill development.


For Whom?

All Network Agency Collaborators, with a view for Regional Directors

For What Purpose?

To track each client portfolio, enhance loyalty, and foster development through proactive actions, while supporting training initiatives.


For Whom?

All Network Agency Collaborators

For What Purpose?

To identify and track key events in each client’s life, personalize the relationship, and enhance client loyalty.


For Whom?

All network collaborators

For What Purpose?

To raise awareness and measure customer satisfaction, adopt a change-oriented approach, and bounce back to improve the customer journey.

Designed within the same technological environment, the various tools are easily adopted. Users retain their familiar references. Beyond the ergonomics, each interface incorporates common features such as creating favorites, sharing tracking, and exporting.

Suadeo’s solution was then adapted to meet the needs of other services within Crédit Agricole d’Ile de France, including Human Resources and real estate management.

The next step is to continue innovating, leveraging the service platform at our disposal. Through this platform, we can measure the activity of our branches, the effectiveness of our processes, our appeal to customers, their satisfaction levels, interactions with social networks, and more. All of these aspects can be monitored and analyzed using this service platform.

The added value of the Suadeo solution


Instantaneous response, regardless of your needs, and effortless to allow you to focus on tasks with higher added value.

Common and historical solutions on the market

  • Visualize data
  • Build your own reports

The Suadeo Solution
Agile DataViz​

  • Visualize data
  • Build your own reports
  • Access all data sources, internal or external, as needed
  • Easily modify business rules, structure, and data sharing
  • Take immediate action without requiring IT team involvement

A solution capable of centralizing and organizing a large volume of heterogeneous indicators.

Stop spreading out

To manage their activities, teams relied on 3 separate BI software depending on the need (datacatalog, reporting, datavisualization), numerous Excel files, all for over 150 indicators.

Consequences :

  • Degraded performance due to the scattering of tools (one tool for each use instead of an all-in-one solution).
  • A rigid and unsatisfactory user experience in light of evolving business practices.
  • Limited functionalities.
  • Very restricted integration of external data.

    And ensure total robustness at all levels.

    The aim of Crédit Agricole Ile de France was to have an innovative Self-BI platform that is:


    • Robust : to centralize all its indicators and collect data from various sources (community, private, external, raw or calculated),
    • Flexible : to adapt to different internal uses in data preparation and analysis (calculation rules, analysis axes, etc.),
    • Agile : to create and distribute dashboards or reports in any format, Web or PDF, on demand,
    • At a high level of securitythroughout the Data value chain, given the sensitivity of the data, the multiplicity of required authorizations, and regulations.

    Relying on numerous heterogeneous dashboards poses a risk of loss at different levels: definition, meaning, and utilization of each indicator over time…

    We were looking for a “warehouse” to centralize all our indicators in one place and to ensure their reliability.We needed an ergonomic and intuitive interface that would allow us to navigate through years of history and hundreds of indicators.

    Thierry HERVET

    Head of Business Development, Crédit Agricole d’Ile-de-France, Banking & Insurance

    Suadeo recognized as the best ‘Self-BI’ tool

    The features of Suadeo as seen by a specialized firm

    As part of the tender process for Crédit Agricole d’Ile de France, a study was conducted by a specialized firm in Low-code business applications among a user panel to determine the strengths and weaknesses of pre-selected Self-BI solutions.

    Suadeo received the highest rating across all 5 functional evaluation axes. Users themselves attest to it; the Suadeo Self Data Services® platform checks all the boxes:

    Manipulation and Performance

    • Resembles the usual practice of Microsoft Excel and has the ability to quickly disseminate analyses.
    • No specific development required for data cross-referencing beyond the data warehouse.
    • Simplicity of access and manipulation of data sources.

    Autonomy and Ergonomics

    • Freedom in modeling data within one’s business scope.
    • No need for interactions with the IT service to exploit the platform.
    • Quick adoption after training.


    • Integration of an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) to ensure data reliability end-to-end.
    • Scheduling the execution of a report or task in the background.


    • Compartmentalization of data by business and traceability throughout the data lifecycle.
    • Management of data historization and purging.
    • Integration of regulatory features for data protection (anonymization, right to be forgotten, etc.).


    • All-in-one scalable solution synchronized with data evolution.
    • Synchronization of dashboards with data sources: all modifications automatically included.
    • Flexibility and quick integration of new use cases in line with the product roadmap.

    A dashboard is not created for the person who builds it but for the individual who will use it for their own activities. We wanted to stop the centralization of this topic by support services.

    With Suadeo, we enable everyone to reclaim control and to tailor it to their needs.

    A modern, intuitive, and secure technology,
    from data valorization to presentation

    Extreme customization

    Integrated catalog listing all datasets in coherence with the environment, knowledge, and semantics

    Robustness and unlimited interconnections

    Aggregator of an unlimited volume of indicators
    File explorer connected to all databases, internal and external

    Concrete and familiar simulations

    Ability to test business hypotheses at time T thanks to integrated usage data

    Visualization and manipulation in real time

    Dynamic exposure and data publication system

    Secure operation and customized sharing

    Very fine embedded security system: authorisations, anonymisation, encryption, masking, etc.

    Simplicity coupled with the power

    Low-code solution for standalone design and declinations without a line of code

    All Business Intelligence tools
    in one single solution


    The strength of the Suadeo Self Data Services® platform lies in its ability to make business users entirely autonomous in data usage. The “Usage Data” functionality is the cornerstone of the platform’s uniqueness.

    Business users rely on a semantic framework specific to their expertise and the culture of their company, using a language common to their domain, and corresponding environments to their historical tools. They automatically become familiar with the tool, taking control of the entire data value chain without the need for interaction with the IT department.


    For Action

    Suadeo unleashes the potential for Action

    Suadeo’s platform is an embodiment of a strong conviction, born out of two decades in the Data domain. Suadeo’s dual intention is first to reverse the trend of time management around Data in companies by reapplying the Pareto principle “80/20” and taking the usage of Data to the next level.

    « To be efficient, one must stop spending over 80% of the time manipulating data, ultimately allocating only 20% of one’s time to visualizing a dashboard and creating a report. It’s a futile use of data and a waste of time. With the Suadeo platform, only 20% of the time for business users is dedicated to data manipulation and exploitation, leaving the remaining 80% available for implementing the results of their analyses, for Action, especially through real-time optimization strategy simulations. »

    Azzeddine Bendjebbour

    President, Suadeo

    The DataViz Agile® accelerator is the result of the LEGO® brick set we have already built with our clients

    Play with us!

    Take over and let’s continue to build tomorrow’s solutions together.

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