The CNCS Digital Hub

The National Strategic Command Center

Crisis Anticipation & Major Events :

The Ministry of the Interior requested a strategic overview of the situation during the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games

2023 Rugby World Cup: Implementation of a Zero Crime Plan




Olympic Games PARIS 2024

“Unprecedented Departmental Engagement”




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The CNCS in a few words:

A hub for sharing information and knowledge to produce strategic overviews

Inaugurated by the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories, Gérald Darmanin, and the Minister of Sports and Olympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra

The CNCS was inaugurated by Gérald Darmanin and Amélie Oudéa-Castera on 6 September, 2023 a few days before the start of the Rugby World Cup.

Éric Tiquet, Deputy Director of Innovation and Data at the Ministry of the Interior, praised the involvement of the teams in charge of infrastructure and Suadeo.

“In less than five months, we have completely redesigned premises at Beauvau. We are quite proud to have been able to rely on French publishers to create this integrated solution.”

“Providing a strategic summary of the situation to the authorities: this is the objective of the solution implemented within the national strategic command center set up for major events”

Suadeo at the BigData & AI Show 2023

Discover how Suadeo implemented its Self Data Services platform at the Ministry of the Interior


Deputy Director of Innovation and Data

“The challenge is for the Suadeo platform to position itself as a reference tool”

The Suadeo Difference

Suadeo was selected by the French ministry of interior
against Palantir, Atos and Thales

En only 4 months Suadeo connected to over 200 data sources

The French Ministry of the Interior had initially explored the possibility of collaborating with the analytics company Toucan Toco, but also with the solution of Athea, the joint venture of Atos and Thales and even the American giant Palantir.

But faced with the long implementation time and the too high budget proposed by the latter, it was Suadeo that won the confidence of the Ministry of the Interior.

“In just a few weeks, we have demonstrated our ability to respond and configure the product according to the needs of the business lines,” says Cédric Bonamigo, Suadeo’s Director of Public Sector.

A platform that can be configured according to the needs of the business

The CNCS’s Digital Hub produces a national and inter-ministerial synthesis as well as decision-making tools for authorities and organisers.

The platform should allow the Ministry of the Interior to aggregate and process data from numerous external flows in open source (+150 datasets), but also internal information collected and transmitted from the field by the police, the gendarmerie or prefectures.

“The amount of information needed during the Olympic Games will be increased tenfold,” says Éric Tiquet.
“What we have set up for the Rugby World Cup has nothing to do with what we are developing for the needs of the Olympic Games,” Cédric Bonamigo confirmed to AEF.
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Cloud π (Pi): the internal cloud dedicated to sensitive government services

As part of its “cloud at the centre” doctrine relating to the circular of 6 July 2021, the State has built internal cloud offers, including the one supported by the Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories: cloud π!

The internal, interministerial Cloud offer makes it possible to benefit from a sovereign Cloud controlled and operated by State agents, hosted in the State’s IT production centers and based on OpenStack open source technologies. It is intended to host their digital services, processing and sensitive data.

The Suadeo self-data services platform operated its migration to the Cloud π for the benefit of the MIOM and during the management of the Rubgy World Cup, while maintaining its high availability and guaranteeing a very high level of security on a project classified as Restricted

Suadeo provided a user-friendly solution to visualize various strategic information in real time on a single dynamic interface


Control and manage the territory in real time

Tailor-made in real time

The user configures his interface from a list of components organized by theme

An easy-to-use graphical interface

The user can view various strategic information on the same screen

Dynamic interaction

The user has access to live situation updates thanks to collaborative mapping

They talk about us

Olympic Games 2024: Beauvau’s big data platform entrusted to Suadeo

Major events: the Ministry of the Interior equips itself with a big data platform to detect “emerging signals”

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