Freeing the users​

We are committed to empowering users. We believe that everyone, at their own level, can understand and act on data without relying on third parties. We believe that expertise lies within the business functions and not in the tools themselves.​

Empowering with data ​

We believe that data is a powerful tool to empower individuals and businesses by providing them with easy access to the information they need to make informed decisions. We believe that every organization, regardless of its industry, can leverage its data to identify areas for improvement.

Simplifying usage ​

We advocate for simplicity in usage. We aim to make data accessible to everyone, without technical barriers.

Making agile decisions ​

We believe in agile decision-making. Questions should find immediate and comprehensive answers. We believe that well-handled data acts as catalysts for efficiency and creativity.​

Advocating for security​

Nous militons pour la sécurité. We advocate for security. Data is hosted on your servers or in our sovereign cloud to ensure maximum protection and compliance with the highest standards of data security.

Believing in critical thinking​

We believe that critical thinking and analytical skills of users are essential for maximizing the value of data.

Promoting iteration ​

We promote experimentation. We believe that allowing for multiple attempts and learning from mistakes leads to significant improvements in all areas.

Embracing a holistic approach​

At Suadeo, we believe that a holistic and agnostic approach is crucial for effective data analysis.

Everyone is a change maker​

At Suadeo, we firmly believe that improvements are not limited to a select few but can come from anyone, at any time.​

Diversity as a strength​

At Suadeo, we believe that diversity is a strength in our society. We value equal opportunities, promote inclusion, and celebrate differences.

A world of talent ​

We aim to build a fair and equitable world where everyone has a place and can thrive according to their talents and aspirations.