Focus on Suadeo’s feedback at Big Data 2022

The major challenge of tomorrow’s BI is not to expose “data” but “Services around data”.
Experience Feedback from @Suadeo at BIG DATA & AI PARIS 2022.

How to transition your organization from Data to Data Usage?
Is it the necessary step to move towards a ‘Services’ approach?
Suadeo’s ‘Self Data Services’ platform meets these strategic requirements that will be imposed on our businesses in the coming years.
Free users capable of accessing any readable company data become both Producers and Consumers of information; without possessing any special IT skills.
This new role allows for the production of virtually real-time analyses of all types demanded by the current thinking.

@Yonnel Hartmann and @Mohamed Bendjebbour present Suadeo’s Self Data Services platform and its usage logic.

Participate in the workshop on Monday, September 26, 2022, 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm. 📍 Room 2.
Continue your discussions over coffee at our 📍 Booth A53.

👉🏻 Registration:

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