Decision-making: when the security of a global event is at stake

D-1 before the arrival of the Olympic flame on the Old Port. What greater pride for a nation than to welcome to its territory the greatest global event. The festivities look great and the security issue is just as much if not more so. This exceptional context highlights the crucial role of data management in strategic decision-making and securing major events.

If July 26 marks the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, all the teams in charge of security, near or far, have been on the bridge for many months now. Reactivated since May 2nd, the Centre National de Commandement Stratégique (CNCS) is one of the key points in securing the event. The structure watches over and monitors every event that revolves around the JOP, starting with the Olympic Flame arrival ceremony tomorrow in Marseille. This May 8, 2024 inaugurates the next 100 days where the Flame will circulate through the 65 French Metropolitan and Dom-Tom departments.

Exceptional security issues

The JOP Paris 2024 are 206 Nations, 15,000 athletes, 45,000 volunteers, 13.6M spectators, 4 billion viewers… Coordinating the activities of thousands of athletes, volunteers and spectators in a city as dynamic as Paris, and beyond, throughout the Flame’s journey and in the participating cities, requires careful planning and coordination.

The backstage echo

The scope of the Olympic and Paralympic Games goes far beyond stadiums. Their economic, social and cultural impact resonates well beyond the event itself. That is why the notion of excellence that fuels the strength of athletes vibrates in unison in every organ that orchestrates the event. If discretion is required on the means of their success, one of the essential assets is the same in any project management: we are obviously talking about data.

From data collection to strategic decision-making

Accurate and reliable data is needed at all levels of the organization, from infrastructure planning to managing viewer flows. The collection must operate in real time, on a very large volume of data from multiple sources: road, air and rail traffic, social networks, health systems, weather alerts, field lifts, etc. All this data must be able to be reported and unified through a single collaborative screen, allowing exchanges between each intervention body.

Like the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Suadeo offers a decisive advantage for such exceptional events and these unprecedented security issues (read more). By positioning itself at the forefront of the technological revolution, its platform makes it possible to detect weak signals, locate potential threats and inform the personnel concerned without delay in order to maintain security in all circumstances. The means of supervision and the fluidity of communication between the right people at the right time are major success factors.

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