Ten reasons to adopt a Data Mesh architecture

In the age of big data and data-driven culture, the efficient management of the vast amounts of data generated daily has become crucial. Data decentralization appears to be an essential solution, especially for Suadeo, which combines the success of augmented self-BI with an inherently Data Mesh architecture.

The adoption of a Data Mesh architecture does not just decentralize data management: it redefines the corporate culture and radiates throughout the organization. By empowering teams, enriching collective knowledge and increasing responsiveness and operational flexibility, Data Mesh is transforming the way data is used.

Autonomy, quality, security, dialogue, compliance, and innovation are all assets that this modern approach brings. Discover how Data Mesh, at the heart of self-BI, unlocks the potential of data and generates sustainable value for the business.

1. AUTONOMY: Restore Power to the Business Users

By allowing Business teams to control the use of data from end to end, you make them autonomous and avoid iterations with the IT department. In the end, you accelerate decision-making and take action. The Data Mesh Self-BI provides Business users with all the services to fully exploit the potential of data, in complete autonomy.

2. COMMON KNOWLEDGE: Encourage knowledge sharing

Metadata standardization is revolutionizing data interpretation and sharing, making information more accessible and useful to all. Thanks to a common repository, your teams can enrich each other and work more consistently. Adopting a Data Mesh architecture facilitates this collaboration and acts as a real springboard for co-creation.

3. FLEXIBILITY: Gain agility in managing your resources

Structured Data Mesh Self-BI allows each team to manage and adjust data in real time, freeing the IT team to focus on securing and documenting. This approach makes your projects more agile and flexible, while eliminating cross-service slowdowns and reducing bottlenecks.

4. REACTIVITY: Arm your teams in the face of Change

Business life is constantly changing and needs are constantly changing. Structured Data Mesh Self-BI allows users to produce and adjust on-demand renderings in just a few clicks. This approach makes each business more responsive, able to cover its use cases quickly and efficiently, whatever the circumstances.

5. QUALITY: Instill a climate of positive influence

By decentralizing data, each business becomes responsible for the quality of its data, positively influencing all teams. Each user guarantees the reliability of his domain, participates in its governance, administers its management rules and controls the consistency of the data. This shared responsibility involves the entire organization in a continuous improvement of data management.

6. SAFETY: Unleash Uses while Holding the Reins

True Self-BI frames the governance scheme upstream and integrates advanced security features throughout the data lifecycle. Your business teams can manipulate business rules as they please, while your platform protects the integrity of your data capital in all circumstances.

7. DIALOGUE: Break the silos

Alone we go faster, together we go further… provided that the services collaborate effectively. “Usage data” standardizes metadata, allowing teams to better understand and interpret their own data as well as that of other domains. Use-oriented Self-BI facilitates communication and collaboration across departments, breaking down silos.

8. SCALE: Adapt the tool to your needs without impacting UX

Distributing data and responsibilities enables parallel processing and efficient management of growing volumes of data. By combining the Data Mesh approach with Kubernetes, which orchestrates the containerization of resources and workloads, true Self-BI evolves with your needs while maintaining operational efficiency and an optimal user experience.

9. COMPLIANCE: Free data while maintaining control

Free up the use of your data while ensuring its reliability and control. With true Self-BI, a monitoring module covers the entire data lifecycle, allowing access to be defined and data anonymized by user or user group. Each domain applies its own governance rules while respecting the general compliance policy.

10. INNOVATION: Test your insights in real time

Democratizing access to data stimulates innovation and creativity at all levels of the organization. Teams can quickly experiment with new ideas and measure the performance of new services. With true Self-BI, business users can test their insights in real time, driving innovation.

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