Building the health of tomorrow: entrust data to your businesses

From personalized patient management to medical research, data is the fuel that powers innovation and continuous improvement. However, to fully exploit this potential, it is imperative that health actors, whether public or private, embrace an autonomous approach to data management and exploitation.

A golden rule: data must be manipulated by the Business users

In the raw state, the data are real gems that will become «jewels» if we know how to assemble them. The value of data lies in the use that one make of it, but also and especially, in the Business user who exploits it. It is the Business user who possesses this knowledge and who can take advantage of the material and tools (meaning «the associated data and services») at his disposal, to build his project or improve it.

Value creation: secondary use of health data

Knowing how to exploit the potential of data can lead to revolutionary advances, and the interest is even greater when they serve the public interest. In the field of health, it is in the secondary use of data that a data services platform brings real value: integrate and cross-reference many multiple original data, manipulate and exploit them for analysis and ultimately design.

The importance of autonomy in the exploitation of data

If data is the fuel of innovation, autonomy is an accelerator. Not relying on third-party technical skills, and being able to manipulate data throughout the chain, is the guarantee of being:

  • Agile and responsive: By having direct control over their data, healthcare organizations can respond quickly to changing market needs and new opportunities. Autonomy allows agile decision-making.
  • Responsible and committed: By assuming responsibility for managing their own data, users can strengthen security measures, ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information and regulate its use.
  • Innovative: With the freedom to explore and exploit their own data, healthcare providers can design customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of their patients and/or organization.
  • Compliant with regulations: In addition to a data governance policy that governs the upstream use of the data platform, in accordance with current standards and regulations, we must allow users to modify the management rules according to their own needs.

Suadeo: tested and approved by health stakeholders

The value of data lies in the use we make of it: it is the precept that Suadeo claims and which distinguishes its approach to data services.

Its software platform, Suadeo Self Data Services®, stands out for its ability to empower Business users throughout the data lifecycle, from integration to reporting, management and governance. Historically, Suadeo has established itself as a leader in data management in the life and health insurance industry.

As powerful as it is easy to use, the platform developed by Suadeo effortlessly connects to more than 500 data sources (relational BDD, ERP, NOSQL & Big data, files, etc.), and combines all Self-BI services (ETL, Data Model, Data Management, Usage Data, Data Catalog, DataViz, Report, Application Low-code, IA) as well as other innovative augmented intelligence functions..

Committed to the prevention, management of patients, and improvement of the provision of care, Suadeo will participate at the annual meeting of the actors of Health, SantExpo 2024, from 21 to 23 May at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, in the Village Showroom CATEL. The opportunity to test the integrated services within its platform and the autonomy granted to Business users in the use of data.

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